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Material Parts Lists

The joy of maintaining your own parts database....


New parts, old parts, price changes and even part number changes happen all the time. 


Now multiply that by the 5, 10, 30 different suppliers you buy from, each with their own unique MS Excel format, and keeping your manufacturer and vendor price lists up-to-date can start to feel like a full-time burden.


ICS clients reap the benefit of receiving their material parts lists in a standard format, just enter your discount multipliers and you're ready to go.

BAS automation material databases

In addition to simple price maintenance, ICS adds a significant amount of useful information to make working with your price lists much more productive:

Labor - As you select parts, your labor hours are calculated.


PDF data sheets - Where available, up to 4 separate PDF data sheets can be associated.  These assist in the automation of submittal creation and allow for quick retrieval of item information.


Filters - Additional search descriptions are added to items to provide a consistent and simple process to find the parts you are looking for.


Points Data - I/O Point information can be added to parts to populate schedules, provide accurate point counts and reports and correctly select equipment (controllers, etc)


Valve Data - Detailed valve data can be added to parts to populate schedules and support valve sizing and search tools.



The ICS database service exists to make your job easier.

Product Databases:


ICS maintains your material product lists.


Some of the databases available include:


AAM, ALPS, ACI, ACT, Alerton, ALC, Andover, ASI, BAPI, Belimo, Carrier, Computrols, Delta, Distech, Dwyer, FDI, Greystone, Honeywell, Invensys, JCI, Kele, KMC, Lynxspring, Mamac, Niagara AX, Reliable, Ruskin, Saginaw, Senva, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Trend, Tridium, Veris, Viconics, Vykon.


Please inquire about adding your own.

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