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Estimate - Enter Job Details

Enter project labor values and material costs.

estimate projects with kits

Parts - The individual material parts for your office are stored in your customized material database.  Including a part in the system you are estimating adds the material cost and adds some appropriate labor hours.  Although often unnecessary, these labor values can also be edited to reflect specific job conditions.

Libraries - A library system is a pre-packaged piece of equipment used for estimating.  These systems include labor hours and the material list.  They can also include schematics (.vsd and .dwg), sequences of operation, point lists, wiring details and any other electronic file.  Enterprise has 80+ standard systems already available which you can customize, if needed.  To estimate using a Library system, simply drag and drop one into your estimate.

standard estimating libraries
estimate labor with system codes

Labor - When creating a brand new system, labor hours for design, engineering, programming, graphics, PM, and tech are initially applied by selecting a single system labor code.  Enterprise includes a list of 80+ field-proven labor codes.  These codes and their values can be edited, added to or deleted by your site Administrator.

Kits/Assemblies - These are smaller groups of parts that are commonly estimated together.  An example includes variably sized Panel assemblies.  These kits are entered from the parts database into a System.  Kits can also be placed inside libraries.

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