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Other Job Costs

In addition to in-house labor and material, there are other, often significant, job costs that also need to be included.

controls and subcontracting
controls estimating travel calculation
misc costs for controls costs

Subcontracting - It can be as easy as entering in a quote OR if you need to calculate and review your sub costs in detail, then this aspect of the tool will become invaluable.  Easily toggle between in-house and subbed out mode, view sub costs per equipment, area and for the entire job.  Run reports to analyze or share cost breakdowns and manage all of your sub quotes and costs from a single location.

Miscellaneous - Capture all the costs that can often get overlooked or under estimated on a project.  Customize what needs to be included and setup your defaults to minimize effort and maximize consistency.

Travel - By simply entering the distance from the office in miles (or km), a detailed and realistic travel cost calculation is provided.  Factors such as in-town VS highway speed, hours in a workday, parking, vehicle cost/mile, total job hours and days per week on the job site all contribute to an accurate travel calculation.

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