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Adjust - Refine Costs

When you need to adjust the numbers, Concerto has every tool you'll need, and perhaps some you didn't know existed.

making global labor adjustments
make area and system labor adjustments
make special labor adjustments

Global - Adjustments include building height, building type, past work experience, distance to job, supervision, job size, job duration, total point count, subcontract value edits as well as the ability to manually enter or subtract hours from each labor category.

Specialized - There are unique aspects to estimating projects in this industry.  Consider how your current or proposed estimating method accommodates for repetition of systems (typicals), alternate bids, change orders, overtime, escalations, panel vs field work, job specific discount multipliers and open book pricing (negotiated work where your margins are exposed).

Area and System - Location and equipment-based adjustments can be made that don't apply to the entire job.  Percentage, subcontract calculation and manual add/subtract of labor hours are some examples.

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