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Set Price

With the calculation of your cost complete, the sell price can now be determined.  Enterprise contains several tools to assist with this process.

activate and inactivate controls equipment
calculate controls project margin rate
set controls estimate sell price

Active/Inactive - As bid day and time quickly approaches, you may be asked to submit various alternates and make last minute changes to your quote.  The active/inactive folder feature enables you to quickly and easily toggle between different cost scenarios.  You can run and re-run reports and make "what-if" decisions in full confidence that no extra costs have been inadvertantly included or forgotten.

Set Sell Price - Enter a margin, or contract amount, review bid lists and use the bid day margin range to confidently make fact-based sell price decisions.

Blended Margin Rate - The software will calculate a single overall margin based on the mix of underlying components of the job.  Labor, material and subcontracts can all have unique margin rates, if desired.

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