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Where there is risk, there is opportunity


Labor estimating certainly qualifies as a risk component in your project and with Concerto you can turn that risk into your competitive advantage


Win more profitable jobs and, perhaps more importantly, avoid those one or two problem jobs that can jeopardize an otherwise prosperous year.


To get the labor portion of your estimate just right, there are more than enough customizable labor task categories available.

estimating controls labor

The ICS-provided labor values are field-proven over the past 23+ years.  You would also have the tools to easily adjust and customize where needed. 


Take advantage of your local market, your work experience and your industry knowledge.

Labor Adjustments:


No two jobs are exactly alike, so Concerto gives you the ability to quickly and accurately make adjustments wherever they are required.  Some examples include:


Global-Area-System - Building type, height, difficulty, past experience, manual addition, percentage and more.


Typical Systems - A consistent and proven adjustment can be made to accommodate many typical systems of the same type.  This Learning Curve adjustment applies to one-time tasks (EG: designing) and to repetitive tasks (EG: installation).

Calculating Labor


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