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Start - Setup Project

This initial stage of the project sets a solid foundation from which to build an accurate and consistent result.

create a new controls estimate
confirm the template settings
estimate areas and systems

Create a New Estimate - An Enterprise estimate file is typically created and stored on your local PC and is automatically saved to your server.  All of your sensitive project data is securely stored within your own network.

Create Areas - You can now use the tree view to setup the structure of the estimate.  Enterprise defines these nodes as "Areas" which can represent building location (first floor, Mech Room, rooftop), concepts (network, training, change order) and groups of equipment (AHU's, VAV's, FCU's, etc.).  These areas will be used to contain "Systems".  The Systems are the folders that contain your labor and material values.

Check Templates - All of your default office settings for hourly rates, expenses, misc costs, margins, etc., are pre-loaded during estimate startup.  You can review these rates, switch between multiple pre-set templates or, if your personal privileges allow, make estimate specific modifications.

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