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An industry term used to describe determining the sell price of a service job.


At ICS we prefer to use the term: Calculating. 


The PPM tool is designed to accurately calculate your service job cost, after which you can assign your margin and profit requirement.


Your service cost is determined using field-proven values for labor hours and material costs.  And since no two regions or service companies are the same, (you've worked hard to create efficiencies and instill best practices!), the default values can easily be customized to suit.

calculate costs for a service maintenance agreement

Calculate your service agreements with confidence, knowing that your experience and local market knowledge are being used in every document leaving your office.

When a full PM agreement just ain't the answer:


In an ideal world, all facilities follow scheduled maintenance activities, using planned and predictive maintenance programs, but that's just not the reality. 


To accommodate your budget conscious clients who still want access to your premium service team, on their terms, we have the PPM-HD module. 


PPM-HD (Hours and Dollars) Module to bid:


  • Bulk Hours

  • Repair Work

  • Small service jobs

  • Parts Only


This module is great for the "quick and dirty" work that just needs to get done right now.

PPM - Calculating Cost


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