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Set Sell Price

The cost calculation stage is now complete and you can turn your attention to establishing the sell price.

Some of these variable can be considered:

  • Overhead

  • escalations

  • margin/markup

  • cost of funds (interest rate)

  • taxes

  • billing frequency - annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly

set sell price for the service maintenance agreement

Multiple Quotes, Agreement types and Service options?


Often your client will ask for pricing options.  Now you can easily switch between service level types (bronze, silver, gold, full coverage, etc). 


Also, you can easily choose to include or not include any number of additional services and options, all with the project price recalculating immediately and automatically.

Some of these options may include:


  • Warranty credits

  • Repair Labor

  • Repair Materials

  • Consumables (belts, filters, batteries, etc.)

  • Seasonal Startup/Shutdown

  • T&M work

adjust service levels for preventive maintenance agreements
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