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Start a New PPM Project

For your convenience there are several methods available to get your new PPM project started:


  • Start a new file

  • Open an existing file and 'Save As' new

  • Import from Excel

  • Convert from an existing project in Concerto

  • Convert from the equipment data collection Survey Tool

start a new PPM service agreement project

With your new project started, the Main Estimate Settings wizard will guide you through the steps to capture project specific details such as:

  • Building details: mailing address, invoicing address, service address, height, distance, size, conditions.


  • Job type: renewals, block hours, repair work, parts sales, inspect and report, preventive maintenance, full coverage, emergency service, T&M, etc.


  • Other settings: hourly rates, job duration, escalation, service window and response options and more.

service location for a preventive maintenance agreement
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