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What makes ICS Unique?


Based on extensive client feedback since 1990, here is paraphrased feedback from our contractor clients describing what makes ICS unique:

Benchmark Setting Resolution Times: They are a responsive and passionate team that I can reach when needed.  Our experience is that resolution time, not simply response time, to company inquiries (support and sales) is measured in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.


Focus: ICS personnel are 100% committed to the development and support of their software tools and their related services.  It is clear that this is their primary and secondary business.  They focus on our needs for tools and support so we can focus on the needs of our clients. 


Bottom Line, they care.  My opinion as a contractor matters, my feedback matters.  When we have problems or successes to share, it matters to them.  They really care about my business and that shows in everything they do.

unique aspects of ics based on client feedback
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