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Sound familiar?

  • You've built a strong service team with a culture focussed on flawless and timely execution. 

  • You and your fellow professionals provide a premium service tailored to the unique needs of your clients.  

  • Your collective commitment to excellence truly diffentiates you in your coverage area.

  • You want a system that profitably highlights the unique qualities of your company that set you apart from the other guys.

  • You understand your business and your value and you want to help as many clients as possible realize that too.




The PPM© software tool was created in response to demand from the contracting community. 


It was designed from inception to deliver a Simple, Accurate, Customizable and Consistent tool for the Service Sales professional.


Agreements and proposals for various agreement levels (Gold, Platinum, Diamaond, etc) and for various agreement types (Inspection only, Preventive Maintenance, Full Coverage, Labor only, Repair Work, Block Hours, etc) are all available.


The two main components of the tool are to:


Calculate Service Agreement Cost - PPM contains all of the labor hours and dollars you'll need to bid accurate, profitable work.  These values are field-tested but you're definitely not stuck with them.  PPM contains tools to easily customize the standard costs your salespeople will use as well as all the necessary options to adjust any given estimate based on the unique job he or she is working on.


Create Service Agreement: - This is where PPM really sets itself apart.  The ease with which your salespeople can create highly customized and personalized documents in unparalled. 


You will showcase the premium value and unique selling proposition that your company can provide with every agreement and proposal you create.




PPM© is your numbers and your words, professionally automated.



Here is the list of 8 steps a Salesperson will complete to accurately estimate, and fully create, a Service Maintenance Agreement.


1) Create a Project: Start a brand new project OR convert a Concerto Enterprise estimate into a PPM file. Store your projects on your local PC, centrally on a server, or in both locations automatically.


2) Enter and Import Job Details: Using a setup wizard process, capture the unique requirements and details of the job such as: addresses, building specs, agreement type (Inspect and Report, Preventive Maintenance, Full Coverage, Full Coverage Labor Only), agreement duration, general conditions, Onsite and Remote emergency response availability and hourly labor costs.


3) Select Equipment from Library: Layout the job using a standard folder structure and then choose from 200+ pre-built Controls and Mechanical systems to generate the estimate


4) Set Visit Frequency and Review and Edit Costs: Refinements to match the unique requirements of this estimate are made at this stage. You can account for job specific variables such as equipment age and condition, occupancy level, building history, usage patterns and critical care environments, etc.


5) Set Margin and Sell Price: The Total Direct Cost to perform the service work is now calculated. The final step is to apply your Margin/Markup levels to determine your Sell Price


6) Enter and Import Agreement Details: Confirm that the customer and your company information is correct. Enter generic job details, proposal due date and job start dates.


7) Select Template and Edit Visit Schedule: The layout and contents of the proposal and agreement documents are saved in a standard Template. The salesperson selects the correct Template and all the required documents are copied to this project, ready to be used


8) Import Data into Templates and Create Document: The final step is to merge the estimate and agreement data into the template files. After the files have been populated, you’ll have one last chance to review and edit the documents prior to creating the single PDF file output



Online, phone support and training is available (remote and in-office).


Within the software itself are help screens, tutorials and feature descriptions.

Sample Reports:


Online, phone support and training is available (remote and in-office).


Within the software itself are help screens, tutorials and feature descriptions.



Online, phone support and training is available (remote and in-office).


Within the software itself are help screens, tutorials and feature descriptions.

Markets Served:


Building Automation








Commercial Service Salesperson

Service Management

Project Managers

Administrators, Purchasing.

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